We know if you are reading this now it is only after countless days of searching the web for an easy way to build your online affiliate store. The web is full of programs that are costly due to monthly subscription fees or difficult to implement because the do it yourself methods require a great deal of coding knowledge.

We have been where you are, however we had the coding knowledge to build our own. Over the years we compiled various pieces of code that we have been using within our many websites. Each site had a specific use so these snippets of code got the job done.

Well when we decided to start standing up online stores we still didn’t have that all-in-one solution that met our needs. The stores were still difficult to manage. So we began our work!

Now we didn’t want an autopilot site, there is too much to chance there. However, we wanted to be able to click our way through to update store feeds, tweak the feeds to meet our needs, and then present the products on our website without altering the look and feel. It had to be flexible so we could use the same code on several sites that may have different coding around it.

Going one step further, we wanted an entire system that allowed us to stand up new sites fast. So we wanted something we could copy/paste under new domains, add a product feed, and be in business. That is what we did.

We use our code on many of our websites. What we are in the process of doing now is creating a user guide so we can package it and sell it for a reasonable price – well below what exists today. We will be updating this page with the features of the package when we complete our documentation.

Here is a short list so you know what is in store:

  • A code structure to allow for new sites to be created quickly
  • Automatic sitemap and menus
  • Adsense ready
  • The ability to upload data feeds to a folder
  • The ability to import a feed into a staging table to test
  • The ability to copy that data into our live store data
  • Will work with share-a-sale with commission junction soon to follow
  • Must present products well and be customizable
  • Must have a version for WordPress (this won’t be a plugin, but will be simple to implement)

Ask us about this offering by contacting us.