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AngryPlanet.com - 1000.00 or Make an Offer
Great domain for natural occurrences sometimes referred to as Angry Planet (e.g. volcanoes, tornados, etc). Also happens to be the home to Angry Birds. More generally speaking, the domain would be a great site for political agendas into ecosystem dilemmas.

BeautySquad.com - 300.00 or Make an Offer
Excellent domain hosting name for beauty tips and cosmetic sales. Especially with the popularity of other SQUAD sites now like Geek Squad.

FlexDial.com - 550.00 or Make an Offer

GadgetFrog.com - 375.00 or Make an Offer

GetSettlement.com - 300.00 or Make an Offer
Attorney domain specializing in malpractice or insurance fraud. Also a possibility for a real estate site.

Howtodesignatattoo.com - 0.00 or Make an Offer

Nicholsonboys.com - 0.00 or Make an Offer

SECURESVR.COM - 200.00 or Make an Offer
Use this domain to provide a single secure area for multiple websites. GoDaddy owns SecureServer.com