In discussing today’s technology you can rarely escape the word cloud entering the conversation. However, once it does the big divide begins to happen in those that are ready to embrace and those that are reasonably reluctant. Are we ready to put what we consider valuable into a place of uncertainty?

For those that are still worried about what the cloud will offer from a stability and reliability standpoint there is at least a place to start. With Google and Amazon being the two biggest providers of cloud at this particular point in time, we have already entrusted much of our faith in these two giants. Whether you are a Google Apps user or have relied on Amazon to store your personal information for the most convenient checkout possible the road to the dependence and trust in the cloud has begun.

Ready to make the next step?

Amazon has just initiated a great offer for those music buffs that want to take their music with them. They have and still offer free storage services for users to maintain 5GB worth of music in the cloud. The 5GB is for your existing music alone as all new purchases once signing up for the service do not count toward your 5GB max. Furthermore, if you go above the 5GB you can conveniently upgrade for more space on an annual payment basis.

To sweeten the pot, Amazon is currently offering from now until the end of the year and additional 15GB (for a total of 20GB) for free for the first year if you purchase a full album from their MP3 store and choose to store it in the cloud. Not only is this a significant size for music you can use the storage space for any digital files. Their cloud frontend allows you to organize documents, music, videos, photos and more very easily as you come to expect from them.

So if you have just purchased that new Android phone that allows you to stream your music, give this offer a try, download their free Android app, and get into the cloud. It is a great way for any business owner or IT professional to start to get their feet wet and test out what will be the way we are all computing in the next few years.

UPDATE October 21, 2013: Google is full monty into this market now. Many people are going that way instead. Additionally as an update, Amazon now offers free fidelity upgrades on recognizable songs. What this means is that if a song you attempt to upload they will provide the highest quality version from their cloud if available. This also means that any upload that is in their cloud already they will not require an actual upload and just add it to your inventory immediately.