Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Search Engine Optimization Plugin for both WordPress pages and posts. We looked all over for a simple plugin to meet our specific needs in increasing our internal linking, and ultimately higher positions in the SERPs. There are lots of SEO plugins for specifying meta tags for WordPress, but none we could find that help SEO professionals assist their clients, or themselves for that matter, in getting their pages found for desired keyword phrases.

Flexibility Means Power

In our plugin, you have the flexibility and ease of use to centralize the SEO strategy for your site for keyword phrases you wish to rank higher for. It allows you to create pairs of keyword phrases to internal URLs and have them linked on the fly as the page or post is being rendered rather than having to hard-code them into individual pages. The biggest problem for SEO professionals is when the strategy changes slightly and all of those pages need to be modified. Now, you goto our plugin page and simply change the phrase. The old one no longer gets linked and the new one does – bam, just like that!

How It Works

The keyword phrases you select are searched for as WordPress begins to render the page or post and replaces the text with linked texted without the need to hardcode the links in the content itselfs. This allows you to change your SEO strategy without having to recode your pages or posts.

The plugin looks for hard-coded links and considers them in its count prior to implementing the keyword phrases configured below. The plugin will ensure no more than 5 links appear on any given page or post. More than 5 links on a single page usually hurts your SEO score. Also, keep in mind the priority order of your keyword phrases. This is important for two reasons, the count stops at 5 so for short and common phrases you may have, others farther down the list may not be used often enough, and the overlap of words within the phrases.

For example, if your site is about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and you want to rank high on terms such as “MMA Events”, “MMA Fights”, and “MMA Fighters” you wouldn’t want to have the keyword “fighters” listed before the phrase “MMA fighters”. This would cause the word fighters to be linked rather than the more specific phrase MMA fighters. This would not be the best use for SEO purposes.

Special Items to Consider

Note: This plugin can be used to generate external links as well, but is intended for increases in rank by fully utilizing internal linking. This is known to assist greatly in SEO and is a technique used by many professionals in the SEO niche. This plugin does work as the content is being rendered so it is not recommended to overuse this plugin for all links. This is intended to provide ease of implementation of SEO techniques and not for all linking. Sometimes it is still appropriate to use hard coded links when they are specific and not going to be used throughout your site.

Note: You may enter as many keyword phrase and URL pairs as you wish, but only the first 25 will be used. The option to enter more is merely to allow the additional workspace to reprioritize keyword phrases when applicable. The plugin has been tested using a listing of 250 keyword phrases and it caused no noticeable impact to the sites performance. It does this by staying smart! Remember, it only links 5 and then stops so once it has the job done, it tells WordPress to stop the search and run the page!

Note: This plugin has been tested on several versions of WordPress, the latest being 3.0.1. It is a simple script, well not overly simple, but from the perspective of API calls to WordPress, so there is little to cause conflict. We also use many other plugins in conjunction with ours and have yet to see an issue. As always though, take proper precautions and test appropriately once the plugin has been activated. Please contact us with any issues found and we will work on the issues right away.

Future Enhancements

We do have many enhancements planned for the future if the plugin is perceived as useful to all of you SEO pros out there. We love hearing suggestions and desires for new plugins, so please feel free to let us know.

Mentioned previously, we limit the link per page to 5. We are considering making that customizable to a hard set number or giving the user the option to set some “rules”. For example, wouldn’t it be cool to set a rule such as allow the number of links based on the number of words on the page. Setting the rule to the ratio of links per words (e.g. a setting of 100 would mean allowing 1 link for every 100 words on the page, 150 would be for every 150 words on the page). That way, the plugin could have the smarts to allow more links for longer content and restrict it to even less than 5 for short content.

We do not condone selling links, however, the plugin could be used to easily manage this for those that do. Therefore, we would like to add in some functionality that scans and tells the user how often the keyword phrases entered is used in the content. This would help for SEO folks as well as those that sell links, but the potential is significant for both groups of professionals.

These changes are complex and we are offering this plugin for free in hopes that the community will rule its development. This is the first item we have ever offered on a donation system to fund. We typically create code for specific clients, but in this case hope that the community at large can take advantage of this great plugin and will want to support it with minor donations to fund its continued enhancements.

So throw a buck our way! It pays for coffee to keep us up in the late hours to crank out the code. We are coffee snobs and we pay out the nose for good beans ;)

Download the Plugin

And of course, we should allow you to download this plugin, huh? Here is the file WordPress Page Post SEO Plugin v1.0.